Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Post number one - 9/11 and Medical Canabis

My Blog is dedicated to doing something productive with my life. My favorite subjects of the moment are the Truth Behind 9/11 and Medical Marijuana. I plan to put some time into this blog and I hope to make it a worthy contibution to promoting knowledge in these and other areas. For now I will concentrate on these.

I want to say that I am 100% behind Sibel Edmunds and Danile Elsberg is my hero. I have seen him speak twice and he is very good. I only hope that Sibel's information becomes public soon. I expect that it could blow the roof off this thing!

More later. I have been up all night reading about 9/11 and what we already know. I'ts 8:30AM here in Oakland/Berkeley by the Bay. I have to work tomorrow at my fun job at the local law firm and I need to get some sleep at some point, ya know?

Both of the planes that hit the WTC are suspect. Go over the videos of the plane crashes with a fine toothed comb and glaring anomalies arise. What's up with the 20m tank strapped to the underbelly, on the right off the fuselage? Obvious to me that it was filled with some kind of propellant to make the huge "movie-like" explosion that hypnotised us all. (Me included) I called my mom who teaches at Columbia on Sept. 12 (cell phone lines clogged on Sept. 11) and told her "I felt like I was in a movie, like I was watching a move."

It was such a beautiful and spectacular explosion. To me it was incredibly beautiful, entrancing, mysitcal in it's immense grandeur and departure from any previous image. Fight Club didn't even come close. I am thinking now that it was meant to be so. The Big Lie. I am rereading 1984 this week. How could trained puppy-dog middle-Americans ever possilby believe in their govt's complicity in this? Incompetence? That would be disturbing enough, but I'll be surpized if I get this wrong. It goes deeper than that. I am always right.

My disclaimer and caveat to that statement is that I was wrong once. My failure was in underestimating the cult of personality and the force of celebrity. I don't want to do that again. I predicted that Arnold Swartzenegger would not be elected governor of my state. I don't want to make the same mistake, and the cult of personality runs deep. Dubya still has some mojo and the force of inertia is SO strong. We must fight hard for each change. We must seize opportunities to push the boundries every chance we get. We must be oportuinistic. This Neo-Con bullshit will not fly forever.

Michael Moore is right, this is a very liberal-progressive country, and I was raised in almost certainly the staunchest bastion of liberal-sixties idealism, Santa Cruz. Berkeley has a claim to the title, but I think the Cruz wins it by a hair. We will win, because we are right. It is good to be right.

Support Sibel Edmunds!!! Do what you can and do it now!!!